Third Friday Movie Night - The Kindness Diaries

February 17th

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    Room: Meditation Hall

    The movie this month is not a movie!  ;-)

    The Kindness Diaries

    Several Short "Made for TV" Episodes by Leon Logothetis

    Leon Logothetis is a global adventurer, motivational speaker & philanthropist. It wasn't always that way. He used to be a broker in the city of London where he felt uninspired and chronically depressed. He gave it all up for a life on the road. This radical life change was inspired by the inspirational movie "The Motorcycle Diaries."

    In The Kindness Diaries, we follow his inspirational journey as he sets out from Los Angeles on a vintage motorbike, determined to circumnavigate the globe surviving only on the kindness of strangers. Incredibly, he makes his way across the U.S., through Europe, India, Cambodia, and Vietnam, and finally to Canada and back to the Hollywood sign, by asking strangers for shelter, food, and gas. Again and again, he's won over by the generosity of humanity, from the homeless man who shares his blanket to the poor farmer who helps him with his broken down bike, and the HIV-positive mother who takes him in and feeds him. At each stop, he finds a way to give back to these unsuspecting Good Samaritans in life-changing ways, by rebuilding their homes, paying for their schooling, and leaving behind gifts big and small.The Kindness Diaries will introduce you to a world of adventure, renew your faith in the bonds that connect people, and inspire you to accept and generate kindness in your own life.

    And, thanks to Leon Logothetis' abundant kindness and generosity, the first 10 attendees will receive a free hard cover copy of his book based on The Kindness Diaries episodes!

    We usually gather at 6:30 and the movie begins around 6:45 to 7:00. Popcorn and tea will be served during the movie.

    We don't charge admission for our Movie Nights, but your donation of $5-10 will help us cover the cost of the movie licensing fees and refreshments.  Thank you.