Sonoma Outreach

The Sonoma Shambhala Center is part of the Sonoma community and participates in this larger community’s welfare. Here is one of our successful outreach efforts. Check back as we add others.

F.I.S.H. (Friends in Sonoma Helping): 

Friends in Sonoma Helping (F.I.S.H.) provides emergency help to residents experiencing financial hardships in Sonoma Valley at no charge.  F.I.S.H offers immediate emergency assistance, keeping families from becoming homeless or going hungry. They respond to unexpected financial setbacks of our neighbors in Sonoma Valley.

Barbara Mahon is coordinating contributions to FISH. We’ve been collecting food in the large barrel for several years inside the Center entry door. Now, we’re expanding the donations to clothing, new or very gently used, for children, men and women, in all sizes. Shoes, socks, even underwear are welcome. People come to the FISH shop and choose what they need, with no charges. In addition, what’s needed are small kitchen items, pots, pans, small appliances — items to set up a kitchen. We would be grateful for any and all donations. Put them in the barrel and Barbara will pick up and deliver. For more info contact Barbara: [email protected] . For more information, please visit the F.I.S.H. website at this link.