Shambhala Outreach Sonoma (SOS)

The Sonoma Shambhala Center is a long-time citizen of the Sonoma community and dedicated to the welfare of it’s population. An SOS is a signal used by ships and airplanes to call for help. We aspire to assist those who are in need at Shambhala Outreach Sonoma (SOS).


MOVIE  – Time To Choose –

This is a film about the power of solutions to help the environment that are already here … waiting for us.

Co-sponsored by: Sonoma Shambhala Meditation Center, Earth Care Committee of First Congregational Church, Sonoma Ecology Center, Transition Sonoma Valley and Sonoma Land Trust.

November 7th, 7:30pm

Burlingame Hall, 252 West Spain Street, Sonoma

Admission is FREE – donations gladly accepted.

Oscar-winning filmmaker Charles Ferguson (No End In Sight, Inside Job) has written and directed a film addressing the breadth of global climate change challenges and the remarkable, inspiring and brave ways people are coming together across the globe to find and implement sustainable solutions. With footage from five continents, the film explores the power of solutions already available to us. 

Questions? Contact Diana Sanson [email protected]

For more information about the co-sponsors, go to these websites:

Earth Care Committee of First Congregational Church:

Sonoma Ecology Center:

Sonoma Land Trust:

Sonoma Shambhala Meditation Center: (you are here)

Transition Sonoma Valley:

The  Sonoma Valley Ministerial Association

Shastri Joanne Martin Braun, one of our senior members, who currently serves as a Shastri, or Senior Teacher, to our center, has been active in this assembly of ministers and ministries for some time. They voluntarily cooperate with each other for the sake of serving all the people in the Sonoma Valley. Both ecumenical and interfaith, they believe that they may help each other to serve a broader representation within our community. Shastri Martin Braun can be reached at: [email protected] .

This Event has been postponed: Wednesday November 16th, 2016, 6:00 p.m. POSTPONED on the Sonoma Plaza in front of City Hall with Shastri Joanne Martin Braun and The Threshold Choir. PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR NEW DATE.

All are invited to:

Healing Circle in a Wounded World: standing together in solidarity with the healing that needs to happen post election. 
In the midst of so much violence and political chaos taking place, the Sonoma Valley Ministerial Association is sponsoring a brief gathering to express solidarity with the lives of all of our fellow humans. Let us gather to call forth the power of compassion, both to connect us with our selves, and as a basis for interaction that comes from love, instead of hate or fear. From the combined faith traditions of our Sonoma Ministerial Association and beyond, we are coming together to help re-balance the energy of darkness through reverent silence, reflection, prayers, and meditation. We stand together knowing we are not alone, feeling our vulnerability or confusion in the face of violence. We stand together saying “No” I will not go numb, or react out of fear or anger”. Together we stand for healing and forgiveness, resilience and love. Please join us.

F.I.S.H. (Friends in Sonoma Helping): 

Friends in Sonoma Helping (F.I.S.H.) provides emergency help to residents experiencing financial hardships in Sonoma Valley at no charge.  F.I.S.H offers immediate emergency assistance, keeping families from becoming homeless or going hungry. They respond to unexpected financial setbacks of our neighbors in Sonoma Valley.

Barbara Mahon is coordinating contributions to FISH. We’ve been collecting food in the large barrel for several years inside the Center entry door. Now, we’re expanding the donations to clothing, new or very gently used, for children, men and women, in all sizes. Shoes, socks, even underwear are welcome. People come to the FISH shop and choose what they need, with no charges. In addition, what’s needed are small kitchen items, pots, pans, small appliances — items to set up a kitchen. We would be grateful for any and all donations. Put them in the barrel and Barbara will pick up and deliver. For more info contact Barbara: [email protected] . For more information, please visit the F.I.S.H. website at this link.

Crop Hunger Walk in Sonoma 

April 24th, 2016, 12 Noon to 2:00 pm, for more information click HERE.

Join in the walk with our center. We will meet at Noon and walk over to the start location nearby at Burlingame Hall, 252 W. Spain street together. There are two walks, short or longer. We will be going on the shorter walk to the plaza as a Shambhala Group. Registration for the walk happens at noon at Burlingame Hall where donations are being collected. Donations are not required to participate, and if your inspired, please bring your donation to be collected into a Shambhala group envelope and offered that day. Cash or Check for donations is welcome and checks are to be made out to CWS/CROP.


The SOS Bulletin is a list of good works in community from Sonoma Shambhala Members. If you are a member of our Sonoma Center and would like your good work in community listed here, please contact Jane Zimmerman at: [email protected].

F.I.S.H. (Friends In Sonoma Helping), BARBARA MAHON: Barbara is coordinating donations of clean clothing for adults, and especially children, and small kitchen items to help families set up households. We’ve been donating food to FISH for many years and are just getting into the rhythm of donating clothing and household items. I encourage all members to remember to offer these items. There is a donation basket in the entryway of our center. Many Thanks! For more information contact Barbara: [email protected]

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE PROGRAM, MARTINA SCHNEIDER: Martina is and has been working in local prisons with this powerful program. Restorative Justice is a system of criminal justice focusing on rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with the victims and the community at large. Trainings are available to learn and become involved. Please contact Martina for more info: [email protected] .

SONOMA COUNTY GAZETTE, STEPHANIE HILLER: Stephanie is an active member of the Sonoma Community. She writes a monthly column for the online Sonoma County Gazette called “Savory Sonoma” reporting on such significant issues as the local environment, housing shortage, how to get food stamps or whatever may be current that affects our local community and the county at large. Read the column and you will learn a lot about what other socially engaged organizations are doing locally and how you might become involved. Please contact Stephanie: [email protected] (Stephanie is a fountain of good information).

SONOMA VALLEY MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION (SVMS), JOANNE MARTIN BRAUN: The SVMS, of which Joanne has been a member for over 5 years, meets regularly and offers a variety of gatherings and information responding to the needs of the Sonoma Valley Community. For example, SVMS organized a supportive gathering, a candlelight vigil on The Plaza to help the Sonoma community acknowledge the pain and suffering of the world while remaining connected in support of each other as human beings. And before Thanksgiving, the SVMA held an ecumenical Thanksgiving service at Burlingame Hall hosted by Shir Shalom, the Jewish Congregation of Sonoma. All the local faiths were represented to offer thanks and gratitude for all members of the community. If you’d like to know more of the SVMA, Joanne may be reached by email at: [email protected]

THE SONOMA SUN, LARRY BARNETT: Larry is a former Sonoma Shambhala Meditation Center Director, former City Council Member and former Mayor of Sonoma. He writes a regular column in The Sonoma Sun called Public Citizen. Public Citizen speaks to a variety of subjects and issues. A longtime Shambhalian, his columns often reflect the teachings and can bring a heightened awareness to the reader. Larry has been sharing his views with the community for many years. Larry is available for conversation through The Sonoma Sun.