Sonoma Shambhala Center Volunteers

Our Center has no paid positions.  It operates only through the commitment of our members who give generously of their time and energy.

If you want to volunteer, have questions or concerns, please contact the members of our Governing Council by Email .

Governing Council: Susie Cook,Janet Ryvlin,Tim Derning,& Carlos Gonzalez
Shastri: Joanne Martin Braun
Director:  Susie Cook 
Practice & Study Team:  Joanne Martin Braun, Kerry Schwartz, Irv Kirschbaum, Carlos Gonzalez & Susie Cook
Director of Societal Health & Well-being:  Tim Derning
Rusung: Janet Ryvlin
Way of Shambhala Coordinator & Family Programs: Carlos Gonzalez
Executive Committee: Susie Cook, Peter Loy, Alexa Young, Diana Sanson,& Jane Zimmerman
Representative to the Office of Culture & Decorum:  Alexa Young Fundraising Coordinator:  Diana Sanson Facility Manager:  Peter Loy Movie Night Coordinator:  Jane Zimmerman 
Dharma Night & Newcomers Welcome Team: Susie Cook, Sharon Burt & Ginger Gregory
Shambhala Art Representative: Kerry Schwartz NorCal Newsletter Liaison: Susie Cook
Database Administrator:  Susie Cook Finance Team: Susie Cook, Diana Sanson & Peter Loy Shambhala Sadhana Team: Joanne Martin Braun & Susie Cook Ikebana:  Alexa Young & Rachel Anderson Members Library:  Liz Burnham Publicity Coordinator: Open Membership Coordinator: Open Hospitality Coordinator:  Open Volunteer Coordinator:  Open Bookkeeper: Open  Shrinekeeper:  Open Outreach Coordinator:  Open