Volunteer Opportunities

From time to time, we offer new volunteer opportunities for our membership and the general public who would like to help the Sonoma Shambhala Center grow and thrive. This information has been put together by Marci McCormick, our Volunteer Coordinator. Marci can be reached at marci1943@comcast.net if you have questions about volunteering.

Our Center exists through the generosity of our community through their monthly financial contributions, and also, very importantly, through volunteer service. Following are opportunities to help in ways that are important to our community. Unless otherwise stated, these positions are open to non-members as well as members. Thank you for your consideration. ~ Marci

Helping with our Electronic-waste (E-waste) Fundraiser
If you would like to assist at our next E-waste fundraiser, contact Sharon Burt at shgrahamburt@comcast.net or Janet Ryvlin at jplanet10@comcast.net. It’s mucho fun to do. No event is scheduled at this time, but please get your name on a sign-up sheet with Sharon or Janet and they will let you know when one is scheduled.


Maintain and administer the member library.  Actively seek donations of excellent and relevant used books and remove those that are less relevant or interesting. Communicate the benefits of the library to members and help to ensure that all members know the location and understand the self-service book sign-out and return process. Please contact Marci at marci1943@comcast.net if interested.

Sunday Hospitality Team

It is such a pleasure to meet after Sunday sitting and to enjoy tea and snacks together.  It is time to recruit new members to our hospitality team.  Members of the team work together to ensure that coffee, tea and snacks are prepared in advance.  Please contact Marci at marci1943@comcast.net if you’d be willing to participate.

Audio / Visual Assistance
Many of our classes and talks require amplification and are often recorded. We also have need to project films and streaming media off the Internet. If working with Audio and Visual equipment is of interest to you, contact Peter at trelliss@gmail.com for more information.

Ikebana Assistants
The lovely Ikebana arrangements that grace our Center are the work of two senior SSMC members who have years of training in this ancient art.  If you have interest in Ikebana and are interested in helping at the Center with the Ikebana arrangements, contact Rachel Anderson at satellitepubs1@comcast.net for more information.

Staff for the Way of Shambhala Training Programs
If you have attended Shambhala training programs you may have noticed the support staff as they go about their tasks. Program staff help to create the protected environment (the “container”) in which the teachings are conveyed and received.  To staff a program in the Way of Shambhala series, you must have completed Level III.  Beyond that, you are eligible to staff any level you have attended.  Contact Rachel Anderson at satellitepubs1@comcast.net if you are interested.

Hosting Visiting Teachers
Many of the teachers and participants in our programs are visitors from out of town. It is a Shambhala tradition to offer hospitality to visitors if we are able.  These acts of hospitality and generosity are greatly appreciated and help to make the experience of being at our Center memorable. If you would like to offer accommodation to visiting students or teachers, please contact Irv Kirschbaum at irv.kirschbaum@sbcglobal.net.