The Buddhist Path

with Lou Braun

October 22nd—November 19th (2017)

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  • $65.00 Program Price
  • $90.00 Member Price
Room: Meditation Hall

In this program, we will explore and practice peaceful abiding meditation (shamatha) as well as clear seeing meditation (vipashyana) which are common to all schools of Buddhism. As well, this program will focus on the meaning of personal identity and liberation in the Buddhist context.

This program will meet on four Sunday mornings. Participants are expected to attend Sunday morning meditation with the Shambhala community at 9 am after which the program will follow. Meditation instruction will be made available to those new to the practice of meditation. It is okay to drop in on a per session basis. Copies of the readings for each session will be handed out at the prior session. 

These four Sunday mornings will be taught by Lou Braun who has been practicing meditation for over 30 years and whose teachers include Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche as well as other Tibetan Buddhist Masters. Lou has worked as a business development manager here in the Bay Area where he currently lives with his wife.
October 22nd, Session 1 - Hinayana
What is Buddhism / How to Meditate
October 29th, Session 2 - Hinayana
3 marks of existence
November 12th, Session 3 - Mahayana
Loving kindness / Exchanging self for other
November 19th, Session 4 - Vajrayana
Sacred Outlook


$65 paid in advance for all four sessions and save $15


$20 per session at the door

Patron Price is $90 for those who choose to give directly to the Sonoma Center in support of this type of programming.

A limited number of volunteer scholarships are available. 

Contact Carlos Gonzalez at [email protected] with your questions or to apply for a scholarship.

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