Important Member's Gathering: Let's Talk Center Leadership

with Susie Cook

November 1st—December 6th

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    Room: Meditation Hall

    Commitment to Caring For Our Community

    Member's Community Gatherings:

    November 1st Member's Gathering:

    Let's Talk Sonoma Leadership

    We encourage members to come and learn about how our Center runs on the local level. Members can learn from those who volunteer in leadership positions personally, and why each volunteers as well as how each position functions to help keep the center going and open. We will discuss areas where we need help and answer any questions you may have about participating. Because some of the old ways of leading are dissolving in Shambhala, it is an exciting time to share your voice and participate in these new changing ways around how decisions are made and things get done at our Center. Many in leadership feel that this uncertainty gives us an opportunity to take make a fresh start. Come join us in the process of moving forward together!

    This is a challenging and confusing time for Shambhala. We are committed to providing as much space as we can for the community to come together, share, process, and ultimately envision our future here in Sonoma. We are committed to seeing the teachings and the community continue to thrive and grow, even in these challenging times. In fact, our teachings are our well-spring of wisdom about how to navigate and meet this challenge directly with kindness, intelligence, and fearlessness. Please join us!

    December 6th Member's GatheringTo Be Announced

    Holding Harm

    The Sonoma Shambhala Meditation Center is committed to being a safe space for all. Shambhala is committed to a practice, study, and community environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. It is each person’s right to be free from harassment, mistreatment, and discrimination.

    Resources from Shambhala International

    Shambhala International has created this webpage of resources, including updates, FAQs, and initiatives in place to reduce harm and facilitate healing, including the work with An Olive Branch. 


    Joanna Macy on The Shambhala Warrior: This video is available for your viewing at

    Questions about any part of the process, you are welcome to contact Director Susie Cook at [email protected] .