Diversity & Inclusivity

with Janet Ryvlin

February 24th—March 24th

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Room: Meditation Hall

Diversity & Inclusivity with Janet Ryvlin

A Conversation

This is the first of an ongoing monthly series where we will discuss issues of diversity and inclusivity from a myriad of perspectives bringing light to these areas and widening views. Within the context of meditation practice, we will look at ways to become more aware of the unconscious biases that we carry internally and the effects of power, privilege and systemic oppression in our culture. We will look into blindness and exclusion as well as the importance of open heartedness with ourselves and each other in learning more about how this impacts the lives of all of us, especially marginalized groups. Monthly topics will include but not be limited to issues of race, gender, age, disability and economic disparities.

About the Facilitating Teacher Janet Ryvlin: A long-time practitioner in the Shambhala tradition, Janet recently retired from a long and rewarding career in nursing, has also (in her spare time; but for many years) been a deep student of diversity, inclusion and systemic oppression of marginalized groups.  In these difficult times of division and confusion, she has longed to bring these issues to the forefront of the consciousness of our community with the aspiration of helping to break down the walls that can isolate us from our neighbors and from each other.

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