Shambhala Day Evening Celebration

February 5th

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    Room: Meditation Hall

    2019 Year of the Female Earth Pig 

    Our annual New Year’s celebration - also know as Losar in the Tibetan tradition - is here! As the biggest occasion of the year and with all of the turmoil that our community has experienced this past year, it feels like an opportune time to start fresh letting go of habitual tendencies and patterns of the past. The Year of the Earth Pig is the last of a twelve year cycle. The pig represents kindness, steadiness, and patience, and it is said that this is a year for being diligent, enjoying life, and making peace.

    This event will be a potluck celebratory banquet. Please bring a dish to share. We look forward to celebrating the wealth and richness of our spiritual and cultural heritage together on this day. Within our celebrating, we will have our annual Shambhala Day Fundraiser.

    We offer this friendly invitation to all, and particularly the North Bay, Tamalpais & Santa Rosa Sanghas, to join us in Sonoma in celebrating this special occasion.