Deepening in Compassion II: Video Talks with Acharyas

October 6th—November 10th

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Room: Meditation Hall

The path of the Bodhisattva Warrior begins with developing affection for ourselves and expands this to others, dissolving the barriers that divide us. To support this practice, the Shambhala Acharyas have offered to lead the community in a year long series of talks, contemplative and meditation practices from the Mahayana teachings of our Shambhala Buddhist Lineage.

Through Shambhala Online these video talks by Acharyas will introduce as well as support practice through teachings and the in-person facilitating teacher will answer questions as well as lead discussion each Sunday. 

This year of teachings is divided into four seasonal themes. The themes for the four seasons echo the virtues of the Four Dignities of the Shambhala Path. The second of the four-part series exploring the Shambhala Mahayana teachings, this course includes an exploration of Relative Bodhicitta and how we put our aspiration into action with the practice of the Paramitas.

Join us for this second series: The Joyful Snow Lion and the Paramitas:

Paramita Practice & Generosity - October 6th with Acharya Marty Janowitz and facilitated by Kerry Schwartz

Amidst our emotional swings and upheavals, we can still glimpse openness which can help us become more awake, open and generous. In each moment, these glimpses of the precious qualities of compassion and skillful action can serve as our working basis - beautiful opportunities to work on ourselves and as a bridge towards serving others.

Discipline - October 13th with Emily Bower and facilitated by Basha/Barbara Hirschfeld

When we think of applying discipline, we might associate it with a task we have to complete or a schedule we need to follow, but bringing discipline to the tasks we must complete also "brings joy" when, for example, we have the simple joy of completing our chores, or of finishing a project we have been putting off, or of meeting our own wisdom in a practice or study session.

Patience - October 20th with Suzann Duquette and facilitated by Irv Kirschbaum

The six paramitas point out how we travel the Mahayana path. What is our motivation for embodying the bodhisattva path and walking it? The paramita of patience is working with territory and the heroism of nothing to lose. Patience develops with discipline, awareness, and energy. How do we realize its potency and freedom? This paramita seems timely to examine.

Exertion - November 3rd with Acharya Moh Hardin and facilitated by Marcia Clayburg

Continuously exerting oneself in the skillful means of generosity, discipline, and patience is the “hard work” quality of the exertion paramita. Through this practice, energy that had been usurped into maintaining ego is being freed, and this free-flowing energy is experienced as “joy” by the bodhisattva warrior.

Meditation: Dhyana (a stable mind) - November 10th with Acharya John Rockwell and facilitated by Lou Braun

How can we be effective as generous, disciplined, patient, and energetic bodhisattvas without dhyana, “a stable mind”? In fact, how could we even get this far without some stability?

Schedule on Sunday Mornings:

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-10:45 AM to 12:30 PM - Video talk & teacher led community discussion  

Note About Meditation: If you have not yet received instruction in meditation practice, it is offered here in Sonoma. 

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