ONLINE What Does It Mean To Be White?

with Denise Blanc & Janet Ryvlin

April 26th—May 31st

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What Does It Mean to Be White?

A NOTE ABOUT REGISTRATION: Sorry, registration for this class is closed. The facilitators have chosen to keep the class small and stay with the number of participants currently registered. If you would like to be put on a waiting list for a future class, please email [email protected].

Please feel free to call Janet Ryvlin with questions. #707-338-6471. 

Course description:

Many of us who are white surround ourselves with sameness (other white people) while continually asking, “where is the diversity?” We don’t understand the power, privilege and advantages we have. In this series of classes, we will explore the effects of white privilege on our lives and the lives of people without this privilege. We will look at how our blind spots and hidden biases prevent us from creating a more compassionate, enlightened world and create further harm and inequities even though that is not our intention. Using an evolutionary lens based on the powerful work from Diane Musho Hamilton, gifted Zen Roshi, professional mediator, author and facilitator, as our framework, we will explore the ways we might use our practices of compassion, mindfulness and community to become more self-aware and compassionate in
our aspiration to create a more equitable society. We will use films, documentaries, articles and experiential practices to deepen our awareness and unravel our biases and prejudices that are under our conscious radar. Within the view of basic goodness of all beings, we will support each other in this journey.

Please Note: Classes will be on 6 consecutive Sundays, April 26th - May 31st 10:45-12:45. Some classes will be longer due to full length films being shown. Details and the class schedule will be given at the first class.

About the Teachers:

Janet Ryvlin recently retired from 32 years as an Oncology and hospice nurse. Throughout her career she worked with a diverse population of patients, including caring for Aids patients during the aids epidemic in the 1990’s and has had a lifelong concern about the inequities of our culture in regards to marginalized groups. In recent years and since retiring, she has prioritized her efforts to educate herself and facilitate education on inclusivity and diversity, including creating programs in Shambhala to address white privilege, racism, sexism, misogyny, patriarchy and the systemic injustices to marginalized groups. She has been a student of Shambhala since 1976.

Denise Blanc has 20 years in Organization Development as a facilitator, coach and mediator. She has been a student of diversity and inclusion for the past 6 years, participating in trainings, a think tank and doing extensive reading. In this past year she created a short program on diversity and inclusion for the healthcare environment. She also has been a student of Diane Musho Hamilton for the past 4 years. Denise has been a member of Shambhala since 2001.


$100 pre-registering in advance for all six class.

$20 per class.

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