Our Center’s Vision and Mission Statement:


Making Enlightened Society Possible

Vision Statement – The Ground and Fruition

At the Sonoma Shambhala Meditation Center, we aspire, through a contemplative path of meditation, study and community activities, to awaken to our innate goodness, our wisdom and compassion, and to express this goodness in our daily life.  Further, we aspire to create a wakeful society of kindness, generosity and courage, within our homes, our community and in the world.

Mission Statement  – The Path

Our aims are set out below:

  • As mindfulness-awareness meditation is the foundation of everything we do, we offer a rich path of meditation instruction and practice.  We schedule as many public meditation sessions and classes as sustainable by our volunteer pool, and make our meditation hall available to members for practice and study between scheduled events.


  • We offer the Shambhala Buddhist curriculum of practice and study (The Way of Shambhala) as well as traditional Buddhist studies and a rich schedule of contemplative arts and community events, both live and online.


  • We offer a community and an environment of wakefulness, kindness, and dignity in accordance with the Shambhala principles of awakened culture and decorum. Our community and Center are an oasis for like-minded people to gather, enrich, and support each other. Our community gatherings and celebrations foster the best of our human heritage.


  • We aspire to extend ourselves to others through volunteering in the community, partnering with like-minded organizations and seeking opportunities to be active participants in our local community; benefiting Sonoma Valley and beyond.


  • We aspire to make our Center and activities available to all, regardless of religion, spiritual tradition or teachers, path of practice, opinions, class, nationality, culture, ethnicity, race, political views, age, gender, sexual orientation, or physical, perceptual or mental abilities.


  • We offer our programs regardless of participants’ ability to pay through a payment policy designed as a practice in the virtue of generosity for both our Center and its visitors.  We conduct fundraising events, encourage volunteerism and solicit donations in support of our mission.