Saturday Morning Nynthun Practice

August 12th—February 8th (2025)

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    Room: Meditation Hall

    Saturday Morning Nynthun Practice

    Meets on the Second Saturday of Each Month
    From 9:00 to noon
    In-person gathering only; no Zoom presence


    The Sonoma Shambhala center is hosting a non-denominational, free of charge, monthly sitting meditation practice. Anyone with a silent sitting meditation practice is warmly invited.

    If you are interested in receiving mindfulness/awareness instruction prior to a practice session, call Bill Shean at 619 213-3297 to schedule an 8:30 AM get-to-gather.

    The morning will consist of 30-minute sitting sessions alternating with 7-minute walking sessions.  

    People are welcome to participate for the whole morning or for any one session during the morning.  Please call Bill if you have any questions.