Joy In Everyday Life

with Kerry Schwartz & Irv Kirschbaum

March 26th -Date postponed or cancelled

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  • $100 Program Price
  • $120 Patron Price
  • $40 Repeater
  • $80 Scholarship
Room: Meditation Hall

We apologize, but we have cancelled this class due to insufficient registration.

In the Joy in Everyday Life class, we will explore cultivating the noble-heart of the mahayana teachings, opening the path to the virtue and celebration of compassion.

Through practical methods, we further develop kindness toward ourselves and others. We emphasize the joy and invigoration that comes from discipline: the qualities of cheerfulness, health, and freedom from doubt.

The Everyday Life classes are designed to be taken in conjunction with the Shambhala Training levels. Students are encouraged, but not required, to have completed levels I through III before taking Joy in Everyday Life.

Price: $100; $120 for Patrons; $80 for scholarships; $40 for repeaters. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please refer to our Alternative Pricing, below.

To reserve space in the weekend workshop, pre-register by clicking on the registration button below. You may pay with PayPal online or payment will be due in full at the door.

Alternative Pricing: Cost is never a barrier to participation in Shambhala programs. The Sonoma Shambhala Center is funded solely by membership and program donations, but if the standard price presents an obstacle for you, a "scholarship price" of $80 is also being offered for this weekend, available to anyone for whom the full price presents an obstacle to attending.  Enter this amount in the "Pay according to your circumstances" field on the registration page.  If the scholarship price does not remove the financial obstacle to your attendance, please contact Carlos Gonzalez to discuss an alternative pricing arrangement.  For those who can offer more than the program price, we have a "patron price."  Your generosity in offering the patron price helps cover the costs for others who are not able to pay the full price.

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